Monday, June 20, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Quick luggage update: it did arrive, mostly in tact. It would appear a voalavo (rat) discovered it at some point and mistakenly thought the reason I packed crystal light mix and instant oatmeal was for the sole purpose of sharing with him. Such is life. I spent the weekend in Antsirabe for a regional volunteer meeting and will be heading back to site before too long. Since Morondava is so far away, Shayla and I rarely see other volunteers. It was really great to see friends and meet several of the new volunteers that arrived in March.

I made sure many of you saw this while I was home. But due to popular demand, I'm posting it here too so you always know where to find it. Tsiliva is a popular artist here in Madagascar. And yes, this is what passes for quality entertainment. Lyrics include such gems as "big Jesus, yes yes, big devil, no no;" "we all learn our lessons well;" and "it makes me sad when children are naughty, if you behave you won't have problems." Mazotoa (enjoy)!

Also, don't think I've talked much about this yet. I still don't have any major projects going at my site. But one of the things I have started to do is to try to take advantage of the fact that a ton of children think I'm the bees' knees and spend an enormous chunk of time at my house. I've started turning some of our play dates into opportunities to do some health education. I've started baking cookies and cakes with the kids, but making sure everybody washes their hands before cooking and eating and that we talk about good hygiene. I think once I'm back I'm going to start "Toothbrushing Time with Kristen" every day; we'll all gather and brush our teeth together. Here are some photos of the cooking fun, and another really cool one of a baobab tree.

Hand washing before cooking!

Fifa, Bana, Fetisoa (in back), & Fandry

mixing cake batter

wicked cool baobab

Until next time...Love love.


  1. HAHAHA!! I love the video!! :) :) And I love the pictures, what a fun thing to do!

  2. There you go wallie!! Take advantage of the resources you've got. Maybe invite the mom's over some day to bake too!

  3. You are so creative. It always blows me away. Hope you're having fun with the kids AND enjoying the experiences you're having.


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