Friday, November 19, 2010

My Life: Always a Fiasco

Well, I certainly can’t say that my life ever ceases to be interesting. Just when I thought my house couldn’t possibly be the place of residence for any more ants, cockroaches, and rats, I discovered a termite infestation. So on Tuesday I moved all of my belongings to the center of my house while my landlady’s husband doused my entire house with poison. I subsequently had an allergic reaction on my face and arms to something, presumably the chemical. So, one of the Peace Corps doctors instructed me to leave my site, stay in a hotel, and begin taking a steroid. I still had a bit of a reaction Wednesday morning, though things seem better now.

Heading back to site this morning. I can’t comment to give my personal opinion or an “insider’s view” or anything, but I can tell you that you should check out news about Madagascar. (And, honestly, you’ll probably be able to find out as much as I know, if not more.) There was a constitutional referendum that took place Wednesday and has made things interesting to say the least. I’m currently awaiting further updates and instructions from Peace Corps. But know that I am safe and once again healthy.

Sorry this is so short, but I’ve got to head out.

Love love.

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